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There is nothing like getting your produce fresh from the farm! This way you know how and where the produce has been raised. You make a big dent on the carbon-footprint.

We have Meat, Pork, Fruits, Vegetables, Pumpkins (very soon) and more!

Come out to the farm! We will be glad to see you!!
Cows head

Harper Valley Meat and Pork

If you have ever eaten meat from the grocery store and compared it to the meat from homegrown pork or beef, you know there is a big taste difference.

Chicken Head

Harper Valley Feed

Albert Armand is a distributor for Hubbard-Wayne Feeds based out of Botkins, Ohio. He has had great success with their feeds for his own operations for over 15 years.


Harper Valley Produce

The Armand’s have been selling their fruits and vegetables “from the back porch” for many years. We also sell at the local farmer’s market in the area. 


Thank you sincerely to everyone who came out and made this Pumpkin Season one of the best!

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone. We will do our very best to make the 2021 Indiana Pumpkin Patch one to remember!

It was great seeing everyone and we truly hope to see you again!

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