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Highest Quality Soybean Oil

Albert also has a SO-IL Service Landoil™ dealership.

Landoil is a combination of pure food grade soybean oil with emulsifiers and stabilizers. This combination is blended to serve as a carrier, drift reduction agent, surfactant, penetrants and spreader/sticker. Landoil is a "Homegrown Product" and is gentle to the crop. Landoil is a nonionic surfactant and should be used as a substitute for MSO, crop oil and any other petroleum based oil product when applied through conventional sprayers.

Why Should I Use SO-IL Service Landoil?

Landoil offers superior features and benefits when used in the application of pesticides.



  • Improved Penetration - Landoil is a nonionic surfactant (NIS) and improves the penetration of herbicide into the waxy covering on broadleaf and grass weeds. Improved activity of insecticides with Landoil is also shown to help penetrate the protective coverings of insects.

  • Spreader - Landoil has a "spread factor" that is three to four times that of water. When used I a post emergence application, Landoil's spread factor increases tenfold on leaf surfaces which greatly improves insect, weed and disease control.

  • Reduced Volatility - Landoil significantly reduces the volatility associated with some pesticides. Potential herbicide off-target injury is reduced and improved product performance occurs. Landoil lengthens insecticide spray intervals for some insecticides when volatility is a concern.

  • Reduced Chemical Drift - Landoil can help maintain heavier droplet and reduce drift from applications through conventional sprayers. Herbicide drift can injure plants that are sensitive to herbicides; drift from insecticides may cause contamination to unregistered crops. The use of drift reducing nozzles, proper spray pressures and Landoil help to keep drift from being a concern.


    Drift' Demo Plots


    These plots were replicated four times to show the drift advantage of using Landoil with Roundup Ultra™ The pictures above demonstrate the severity of drift damage to Non Roundup Ready Soybeans and the positive differences in yield and profits when Landoil is used with Roundup Ultra to reduce drift.


  • Reduced Degradation - The addition of Landoil reduces oxidation and photo decomposition (degradation by sunlight). All chemicals vary in their sensitivity to sunlight and in their rate of oxidation. When chemicals are used with Landoil, the effect of these factors is greatly reduced.






Roundup Ultra™3# AMS

Roundup Ultra™ with Landoil and SO-IL Boost (The Roundup Ultra™ with AMS plot is showing in background.)

These plots were replicated four times and show the positive advantage from improved weed control and increase yield when using Landoil with Roundup Ultra™


  • Wash off Protection - Pesticides used with Landoil are rain fast on leaf surfaces in 20 minutes. Tests show that after Landoil has dried, a rain will not wash it off. Pesticides should always be sprayed on dry leaf surfaces.

  • Reduces Alkaline Hydrolysis - Landoil slows the effect that hard water has on the performance of pesticides. The effects of alkaline hydrolysis on many crop protection chemicals is well documented. Because most chemicals are acid and most water is alkaline, decomposition begins when the two are mixed.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Landoil is completely biodegradable. Unlike some crop oil concentrates or other petroleum adjuvants, Landoil leaves no residue in your soil profile. Leaching of soluble pesticides is minimized, which helps keep chemical out of water supplies.

  • Crop Tolerance - Crops have shown a remarkable tolerance for Landoil. No significant burn from post emergence applications has been reported.


    Southern Illinois University 2005 FUNGICIDE STUDY XR 11002 Nozzles




  • Other Adjuvants - Landoil does not need additional surfactants, stickers, spreaders, penetrants, or drift control agents. However, SO-IL Boost Plus should be used along with Landoil when spraying, especially when spraying hard to control broadleaf weeds, such as velvetleaf or waterhemp. SO-IL Boost Plus will buffer hard water and/or high pH water to make spray more effective.


LSU Winnsboro, LA Moderate Disease Pressure



Landoil is available in1 and 2˝ gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails; 30 and 55 gallon drums; 275 gallon minibulk and bulk


        The following studies demonstrate the yield advantage and increase weed control using Landoil and Landoil with SO-IL Boost Plus:


ROUNDUP® Performance with Landoil




2004 ACREA Research Farm
Cedar Falls, IA
Soybean Yield with Roundup® and Landoil




2004 ACREA Research Farm
Cedar Falls, IA
ROUNDUP® Performance with Landoil




2005 Don Owings Farm
Roundup® Product and Rate Comparisons



Several other crop production products are also available. Some are organic certified, all unique and designed for special needs. Just ask us and we'll do our best to find a product to fit your needs.


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